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※ Vandal-resistant
※ Megapixel resolution
※ Excellent image quality
※ Multiple H.264 streams
※ Power over Ethernet
※ Intelligent video capabilities
※ Pixel counter
Vandal-resistant casing
AXIS M3204-V Fixed Dome Network Camera is ideal for demanding indoor surveillance of retail stores, warehouses and banks. The metal base and durable transparent cover provide excellent protection against vandalism.
High-performance compression and streaming capabilities
AXIS M3204-V Network Camera offers excellent image quality with progressive scan in 1 megapixel resolution or HDTV 720p. Multiple H.264 streams, as well as Motion JPEG streams, can be provided simultaneously either in full frame rate or individually optimized for different quality needs and bandwidth constraints.
Easy installation
The AXIS M3204-V is quick and easy to install. It allows flexible mounting on wall, hard or drop ceiling and versatile adjustment by panning, tilting and rotating the varifocal lens to any camera angle. Smoked transparent covers are options for further discretion. Power over Ethernet supplies power to the camera via the network, eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs.

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