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u Excellent resolution (540 TVL)
- Lens choice
- Clean images under variable light
-Day/Night performance with switchable filter
- Easy instal


lThe VDC-250/260 Day/Night camera is a compact,
stylish surveillance dome that offers excellent resolution
in variable lighting conditions. The high
performance 1/3‑inch CCD camera is available
with a 3.8 mm fixed lens or a 3.8 to 9.5 mm varifocal
The camera is an ideal solution for demanding
scene conditions. The Day/Night feature ensures
the highest image quality possible at any time. Depending
on the available light, the camera automatically
switches from color to monochrome.
The camera is easy to install and can be adjusted
around 3 axes. Privacy zones and motion detection
functions can be set up in the handy camera menu

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