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Choice of 550 TVL 36x or 28x day/night cameras
with 12x digital zoom and wide dynamic range
-Progressive scan provides smooth and clear images
when viewing details in a moving image
-Sodium Vapor White Balance mode restores objects
to their original color
-AutoTrack II automated motion tracking
u Advanced privacy masking


The AutoDome 600 Series is an easy to install PTZ
camera that delivers superb video in all indoor and
outdoor applications. The camera features day/night
functionality for high quality images in low light
conditions. This discrete, high-speed dome camera
ensures reliable, uncompromised functionality in
diverse environments across various applications.
AutoDome 600 Series highlights
The AutoDome delivers state-of-the-art technology and
features that far exceed other PTZ cameras. The
cameras achieve a high horizontal resolution of 550 TV
lines enabling the reproduction of clear and detailed
Wide Dynamic Range
The AutoDome features Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
technology that allows for the capture of clear images
from both bright and dark areas in the same frame.
WDR ensures that bright areas are not saturated and
that dark areas are not too dark.
Progressive scan
The AutoDome camera is ideally suited for moving
imaging applications. The progressive scan technology
incorporated into the camera provides smooth and
clear images when viewing images from a moving
Sodium vapor lamp white balance
The AutoDome is an exceptional performer when
shooting under a sodium vapor lamp (a street lamp or
tunnel lamp, for example). Images under these
conditions may have a yellowish tint, which may make
identification difficult. In the Sodium Vapor White
Balance mode, the AutoDome automatically
compensates for the light from a sodium vapor lamp to
restore objects to their original color.

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