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Recording Station Appliance


Ready out of the box Recording and Management
System for IP video
u -u Supports Bosch H.264/MPEG4, third-party MPEG-4
and JPEG devices, and HD/Megapixel cameras
-Low bandwidth (WAN) support
-Interfaces with Bosch intrusion, fire and access


System for IP video
u Connect up to 64 video sources per station
u Supports Bosch H.264/MPEG4, third-party MPEG-4
and JPEG devices, and HD/Megapixel cameras
u Low bandwidth (WAN) support
u Interfaces with Bosch intrusion, fire and access
The Bosch Recording Station software is pre-installed
on a dedicated Appliance that is ready to go out of the
box. The application provides a simple to install and
intuitive to use solution for managing multiple
The BRS Appliance is available as stand-alone, all-inone
tower PCs and rack-mounted server units
supporting RAID5 redundancy, and comes pre-licensed
for 8 IP cameras. Tower units support recording and
playback. Rack versions provide recording only,
playback is possible via a separate ‘viewing station’ on
a standard PC with BRS Viewer installed.
Building on DiBos technology the Recording Station
uses Bosch’s proven video management, recording and
communications technology and takes IP based video
surveillance to a new level. It forms an integral part of
overall security solutions for many applications –
including banks, large retailers, railway stations, city
centers, industrial facilities and office buildings.
With Recording Station you can retrieve live and
recorded video from anywhere in the network.
Whether they are on site or at a remote network
location, authorized personnel have quick, convenient
access to all information making Recording Station the
perfect solution for surveillance over distributed
Recording Station supports live viewing and recording
at any resolution up to 2048 x 1536 pixels (3
Megapixel) including HD widescreen resolutions. It
manages up to 64 IP video sources (Bosch and 3rd
party) that are compatible to the following video
compression standards:
• Bosch H.264
• Bosch MPEG-4
• Axis MPEG-4
The unique, scalable GUI allows live and recorded
images from multiple remote stations to be viewed
from a single PC (receiver station). With this powerful
function, security managers can monitor and supervise
multiple locations simultaneously even if remote
stations are connected through a WAN.
Each camera offers in-window pan/tilt/zoom
functionality from local or remote facilities. Images are
displayed with date/time, location, camera name and
the status of connected devices such as detectors and
Recording Station can be programmed to respond to
specific situations and events automatically. In
response to alarms, the system can be programmed to
record at a higher quality and to transmit images or
messages to security personnel.



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