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RAID-5 protected, all-in-one recording solution for
up to 64 channels
-Pre-installed, pre-configured IP storage solution
with 16 TB (8 x 2 TB) storage capacity
-Dedicated storage operating system delivers
robust , secure operation
-Hot-swappable hard drives
-Remote monitoring via desktop application or


The 1400 Series IP Video Storage Appliance is an
affordable, simple and reliable all-in-one recording
management solution for network surveillance systems
of up to 128 channels (with 64 channels pre-licensed).
Powered by Bosch VRM (Video Recording Manager)
software, the 1400 Series is an intelligent IP storage
device that eliminates the need for separate NVR
(Network Video Recorder) server and storage
hardware, reducing the total cost of ownership by as
much as 45%.
DLA-AIOXL1 is a 2U rack mount unit that combines
advanced recording management and state-of-the-art
iSCSI storage into a single cost-effective, plug and play
IP recording appliance for IT-minded customers which
are seeking for a state-of-the-art “second generation”
NVR recording solution.


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