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NCC-CMD series


NITRO security NCC-CMD series colour cameras are designed for 24/7 video surveillance. From standard to ultra high resolution cameras, NITRO box cameras are developed for high video quality, flexibility and simple installation.
With its non-polarized 12Vdc power input, it is easy and straightforward to connect the power supply to the cameras. This indirectly removes any unnecessary risk of damage due to wrong connection during equipment installation.
NITRO security cameras support both DC and video drive auto iris lenses for the environment in various light conditions. With our own technology, the colour reproduction of NCC-CMD camera can have excellent performance. Camera body is designed for both short and long length of standard 4-pin auto iris control cable. NITRO cameras include an automatic electronic shutter for changes in light level and an automatic backlight compensation function for high light contrast between objects in the foreground and bright background.
NITRO cameras provide reliable and clear picture quality, true colour reproduction, compact metallic body, flexible power input, user-friendly dip-switch setting and professional appearance. On top of that, they serve as an economical choice for video surveillance solutions.

Product Feature:

1/3" Sony Effio CCD - 700TVL
1/3” Sony Super HAD II CCD - 480TVL / 420TVL
Colour – Standard, High and Ultra High Resolution
Day/Night Auto Switching (NCC-DN650X/ NWC-DN480X)
True Colour Technology for excellent colour reproduction
12Vdc Non-polarized Power Input
C/CS Mount Support
Video/ DC Drive Auto Iris
Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES)
Backlight compensation (BLC)
AWB / ATW Selections
Metallic Camera Body

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