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NWC-CMD Series

NITRO security NWC-CMD infrared camera is the most cost-effective night vision video surveillance solutions. Its integrated outdoor camera body with built-in IR illuminator provides flexibility to suit diverse environments.
NITRO NWC-CMD IR camera is designed for both indoor and outdoor application within an area of 400 ft2. Its built-in 12m or 30m infrared LED and Day/Night auto switching function allow the system to obtain a clear image in dark environment. In normal condition, the camera operates in colour mode up to 3 lux. When the surrounding light intensity drops below 3 lux, it will change to B/W mode and the LED will be switched on and in operation automatically at 0 lux.
The NWC-CMD cameras include an automatic electronic shutter for changes in light intensity and an automatic backlight compensation function for high light contrast between objects in the foreground and bright background. The Automatic Gain Control (AGC) function allows the camera to increase the video signal strength by activating its internal amplifier in low light conditions.
With its integrated camera body and mounting, clear picture quality and flexible installation, NITRO NWC-CMD infrared cameras are suitable choice for warehouse, office, car park and residential video surveillance applications.
Product Features:  
  • Latest 1/3" Sony Effio CCD - 700TVL with Mega Pixel Lens
  • 1/3" Sony Super HAD II CCD - 480TVL / 420TVL
  • NWC-DN420IRX (420TVL)/ NWC-DN480IRX (480TVL)/ NWC-DN650IRX (650TVL)
  • True Colour Technology for excellent colour reproduction
  • Mini. IIIumination: 0.1 Lux (0 Lux with Infrared)
  • Built-in 12m Infrared LED - NWC-DN / Built-in 30m Infrared LED - NWC-DNLM
  • Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES)
  • Backlight Compensation (BLC)
  • Auto White Balance (AWB)
  • Internal Sync
  • 12Vdc Non-polarized Power Input

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