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  • Modular Eight Channel Mixer/Amplifiers for paging, background/foreground music distribution and music/messaging-on-hold.
  • Proven TOA Quality and Reliability 
  • Engineered for High Performance with wide frequency response, very low noise and distortion, and excellent output regulation.
  • Three Models: A-903MK2 (30 W), A-906MK2 (60 W), A-912MK2 (120 W)
  • Eight Module Slots accept any combination of TOA plug-in modules for custom system configurations.
  • 25 V, 70 V and 8 Ohm Transformer-Isolated Speaker Outputs with screw terminal connector and protective cover plate (A-903MK2: 4 ohm).
  • Direct Low-Impedance Output Mode bypasses output transformer.
  • Dual Mute Bus permits multiple levels of paging priority using optional mute-type modules.
  • External Mute Terminals for activating mute function with external switch closure.
  • Remote Master Volume Terminals for control with an external 10k ohm linear-taper potentiometer.
  • Individual Channel and Master Volume Controls.
  • Bass/Treble Tone Controls with tone defeat switch.
  • Low Cut Switch to limit low frequency response.
  • Auxiliary Output for connecting an external mixer or recording device.
  • Insert Jacks for connecting external signal processing.
  • Bridging Input/Output for input expansion or recording device.
  • Normal, Clip, Power, Protect, and Signal Indicators provide unit status.
  • Rear Panel AC Convenience Outlet for powering external equipment
  • Turn-On Delay disconnects output during power-up.
  • Over-current and Thermal Protection Circuitry prevents potential damage from overload, short-circuit and overheating.
  • Volume Control Security Knobs Included (4)
  • Optional Rack-Mount Kit, MB-25B
  • UL / cUL Listed
  • Five Year Warranty

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